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Fundraisers and Wedding Socials

Wedding socials & fundraisers at Rumor’s are an easy and convenient way to raise money and it’s something more unique than the typical offering!

Rumor’s offers top-notch entertainment, friendly staff and excellent food and drinks! Best of all, there are no costs associated with holding a wedding social at Rumor’s – no DJ rental to pay for, no “late night snack” needs to be purchased and no liquor permits need to be acquired, etc.! 

Wedding Social/Fundraiser Information

You pick the night to have your event at Rumors, you set the ticket price (no less than the retail price) and we’ll start you with an initial allotment of 160 tickets to sell!

If you set your ticket price at our regular retail price, you will keep half the face value of the ticket price.  


Tickets Sold


Profit per























However, if you set your fundraiser ticket price higher than the regular retail price, you will keep additional money per ticket sold (assuming a minimum of 50 tickets are sold.)


The regular retail price of tickets on Thursday night is $14.00. If you sell your fundraiser tickets at this price, ticket sales are split $7.00/$7.00 between the fundraiser and Rumor’s. If you sell your tickets for higher than $14.00 (i.e. $20.00 per ticket), Rumor’s is still only going to receive half of the regular retail price, meaning your profit margin will be higher! 


Other Benefits of Fundraising With Rumor’s

  • We pay for the custom printing of your tickets.
  • Tickets are consigned to your group, so you only have to pay for the ones that you sell.
  • All unsold tickets and money for sold tickets (payable by cash, cheque or e-transfer) must be returned to Rumor’s 7 days prior to your event.

No Risk, Highly Profitable Return!

Rumor’s can help raise money for your:

  • Wedding Social
  • Sports Team
  • Animal Shelter/Rescue Group
  • Grad Committee
  • Daycare
  • Club or Social Organisation
  • Student Association
  • School Band or Choir
  • Charitable Event and any other good cause you support!

The Fine Print: You need to sell a minimum of 50 tickets to qualify as a fundraiser. If you sell between 20-49 tickets, you will revert back to our group rate discount, in which case you will profit 25% of the ticket sales. In instances where less than 20 tickets are sold, there will be no profit on tickets.


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