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How Does It Work?

Pick a night to have your fundraiser at Rumor’s, and we’ll give you up to 150 tickets to sell. You can also hold a silent auction or 50/50 draw (with a minimum of 125 tickets sold) the night of!

How Much Can We Make?

You keep half of the face value of the ticket. You can make as much as $1,275 profit on ticket sales alone, plus what you make on your silent auction or 50/50 draw. In order to do a silent auction or 50/50, you need to sell a minimum of 125 tickets and apply for a Social Occasional Raffle from the Manitoba Liquor & Gaming Authority http://lgamanitoba.ca/liquor-gaming-applications/social-occasion-permit/.

*Please note that we cannot do silent auctions for the Friday / Saturday early shows due to time constraints.

Other Benefits of Fundraising With Rumor’s

  • We pay for the custom printing of your tickets.
  • Tickets are consigned to your group, so you only have to pay for the ones that you sell.
  • All tickets and moneys (cash or cheque) for sold tickets must be returned to Rumor’s 7 days prior to your event.

Wedding Socials at Rumor’s

We take care of everything so you and your wedding party can enjoy the evening!

Unlike a banquet hall or hotel, there are no costs involved when you hold your social at Rumor’s.

There’s no hall rental fee, no liquor permit to buy, no tickets to print, no “late lunch” to coordinate, and your bridesmaids won’t have to refill paper plates of pretzels all night.

We offer top-notch entertainment, excellent food, and the most fun atmosphere you’ll ever find at a social.

No Risk, High Return and Easy!

Rumor’s can help raise money for your:

  • Wedding Social
  • Sports team
  • Club
  • Students’ Association
  • School band or choir
  • Grad committee
  • Daycare
  • Charity

The Fine Print: In order to qualify as a fundraiser you need to sell a minimum of 50 tickets. If you only sell 20-49 tickets, you will no longer qualify as a fundraiser and the tickets will be subject to our group rate which is 25% off the full ticket price. In instances where less than 20 tickets are sold there will be no profit on tickets.