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Tyler Penner

Aug 06, 2024 - Aug 07, 2024

Tyler Penner Biography

Tyler Penner is a comedian born and raised in Manitoba, who has been making waves in the comedy scene since winning Rumor's Funniest Person With a Day Job in 2014. As a regular host and headliner at Rumor's Comedy Club, Tyler has charmed audiences with a unique and relatable style of humor.

Tyler has showcased their talent at the Winnipeg Comedy Fest, bringing laughter to the festival's diverse audience. Their comedic voice has also reached wider audiences through appearances on SiriusXM and CBC. Additionally, Tyler is featured on the Just For Laughs' Originals series, further solidifying their reputation as a rising star in comedy.

Currently living in Winnipeg, Tyler continues to entertain and engage fans as the host of the Prairie Dumpster podcast, where they share their witty and insightful perspectives on life in the prairies. This bio was written by ChatGPT. Not bad.