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Patrick Maliha

May 17, 2022 - May 21, 2022

Patrick Maliha Biography

Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we have a fabulous comedian. He’s been voted Vancouver’s favourite stand-up comic numerous times in The Georgia Straight, Vancouver Courier and TV Week Magazine. Also, he’s had comedy specials on CTV, The Comedy Network and CBC.

He holds the world record for Most Impressions Under a Minute, is one of the writers for the hit Netflix series, “Mystery Science Theatre 3000” and was voted, “Vancouver’s Best Stand-up Comedian 2021”. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the very funny and very talented Patrick Maliha!! (Pronounced: Ma-Lee-Ha!) ☺

*Crowd goes crazy. Show is amazing. Seven humans advance to a higher plane of consciousness. Several women and three men in the audience get pregnant.